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Western Cowboy Outlaw
Terrorist Attack
Giclee' Print
11"H x 14"W

You stand ready to face down the desperado who’s gang is attempting to loot the remuda you and your pards spent days breaking in for the long cattle drive north. Your heart races inside your chest. As instinct takes over your wits become sharp and focused. You take aim at the marauder who’s 44 is already drawn, hammer cocked. You see the murderous look in his eyes and realize that there is no time to think or hesitate. Who’s shot will be first? Who’s shot will be true?

Toudouze captures real Western action and passion in this limited edition giclee print of an original graphite painting entitled “Terrorist Attack”. Authentically attired for the late 1800s you can feel the passion in the eyes of this hombre. The flea bitten Appaloosa is a breed rarely seen with such detail in a rendering like this. This work of art makes a clear statement that accurately represents historical stories about the legendary outlaws of America’s Old West. When you discover the “up close” excitement this rendering generates you’ll love it even more. It has character that will undoubtedly bring years of enjoyment and pride in ownership.

Sized at 11”W x 14”H it is printed on high quality, heavy, 100% acid free rag paper with pigmented ink, to assure longevity. You’ll love the results of matting and a 16” x 20” frame. Archival in quality it is an investment that will endure for well over 100 years without visible changes. Signed and numbered by the artist and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity, it is a safe purchase for collectors and Western enthusiasts alike.