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Garcia spurs and cowboy boots
The Boss Man's Accelerators
Giclee' Print
10 3/4"H x 15"W

G.S. Garcia was born in Mexico and moved to California as a young lad. When he married he moved to Elko, Nevada, and went on to become a legend. His saddles, bits and spurs epitomize the “California” style utilizing elaborate silver inlaid designs. They are of the very highest quality. His work is among the most desirable sought after by collectors and is often copied. Living to the age of 69 he is recognized as one of the very best in his field.

Garcia spurs were not worn on cattle drives or while working livestock. In reality, working cowboys could never afford spurs like these. Many trail hands would actually share a set of spurs. One would wear the left spur and the other would wear the right. Garcia spurs were for the elite, the ranch owners, the Boss Man. The spurs in this rendering have jingle bobs attached to the shank near the rowel producing the familiar ring heard in Hollywood Westerns.

This distinctly detailed giclee' print of the original entitled “The Boss Man’s Accelerators”, is of the highest fidelity in fine art reproduction. It is printed on heavy 100% acid free rag paper with pigmented ink to assure archival quality. The 10.75H x 15W image is extremely impressive in a 16H x 20W frame. Each, signed and numbered by the artist, comes with a certificate of authenticity.