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Texas longhorn
Just A Cow
Offset Print
11"H x 15"W

Western artist Paul Toudouze offers this portrayal of the renown Texas longhorn entitled “Just A Cow”. Looking this magnificent animal in the eye, the viewer has an opportunity to discover what it was like for the cowboys who had to deal with them daily. They weren’t exactly in love with the creature. They were just cows. The Texas longhorn had the toughness and durability other breeds lacked. It was this resilient trait that enabled them to endure the long drives from South Texas to the rail heads in Kansas and sometimes as far as Montana. Although many a trail hand has described them as stubborn and unpredictable, they have become a symbol of the Lone Star State that is recognized and loved around the world.

This highly detailed offset print of the original graphite rendering measures 11 x 15. Signed and numbered by the artist, it is issued with a certificate of authenticity. It is easy to mat and you’ll love the way it looks in a 16 x 20 frame. Even the “real” cowboys compliment this work of art as being truly authentic.